Saturday, 15 March 2014

How to find a special!

I’m a bit of an impulsive shopper.  This is completely true when it comes to peanuts.  Salted or not, raisins or not, as long as I get my peanuts.  However, for most items with a price tag where you look at the tag at least twice before you even lift it of the shelve to read the fine print, I will do some research on specs and pricing before hitting the shops.

One of the easiest ways to do research on the items I desire to purchase is to page through the leaflets received with our free weekly community newspapers.  Sometimes I have a problem with my Saturday morning browsing for “specials”, or our free newspaper for that matter.  In our yard we have two free-roaming, deluxe model shredders.  Both are of the “DOG” brand, one a “FEMALE” model, the other a “MALE” model.  Now, I love technology and when we obtained these wireless shredders I was given the assurance that their levels of “intelligence” will allow them to be trained in such a way that they will only shred selected papers.  Never trust anybody giving you anything for free, especially when it is a wireless device.

For the past year I haven’t been able to “train” these two shredders to shred only papers I allow them to shred.  They simply shred any paper and anything.  Obtaining a wireless shredder is not the way to go.  I have also given up training those guys delivering the newspapers from simply tossing the paper over the wall, directly into the random path used by the shredders.

Then a friend came along and told me about a website where I can find all my weekly specials online - provided my deluxe DOG shredders haven’t received some instruction to shred my PC.  As long as I have my PC, and ESKOM likes me, I can browse all those specials online, even receiving daily notifications on Items I am in the market for.  Paperless leaflets at http://www.guzzle.co.za/