Saturday, 22 February 2014

Let's Write!

This blog is inspired by an article shared by FB friend Sandra.  “WRITE EVERY DAY”, it says - or something like that.  

Not because you want to publish a book, or become a super journo.  Simply because your mind is all messed up and writing creates order - in your mind.  I can believe that.  I sometimes wake up not knowing if it is Dinsdag or Dingaansdag.  If this works, Sandra, I will share my millions with you.  However, the millions will not come from publishing.  It will have to come from somewhere else.  I will use this process to find out from where.  I have no intentions of becoming a super duper writer.  Yes, I actually do like writing, but will never win any awards for my writing.  My English is just as bad as my Swahili.  I'm still waiting to find out if my feeble attempt at writing an article, in English that is, for a magazine will be published.  I guess the purpose of the mind-ordering writing comes down to goal setting.  The old story told by one of the great motivators of our time.  I can’t remember whom I heard it from first, Zig Ziglar, Paul J Meyer, Anthony Robins, but it is not my story.  It goes something like this:

The guy tells his audience that he will take anybody in the audience and makes from him or her a better shot than the best shot in the world.  How? We blindfold the super world champion shot, spin him around a few times, and give him the gun.  OK, maybe it is a her, not a him.  I need coffee now and that is more important than googling what sex the current world champ is.  We will worry about that later.  He most probably will shoot in a completely different direction from where the target is.  You now take the gun and aim at the target.  You may or may not hit it.  Whatever the case, you will be a better shot than the world champ.  Simply because you had a target to aim at, our champion did not. 

If you have a goal, clearly defined and put down in writing, you can take aim and shoot at it.  Else, it is only a dream stuck somewhere in your head you don’t really think about and because you don’t know what it looks like, you will never be able to shoot at it.

Let’s summarise:  No writing books, no motivational speeches.  Just my take on life.  I will be sharing my brain de-cluttering process.  I will also share some things happening in my life that I value.  You may or may not read.  It does not matter, it is my process, my way of writing, my way of making mistakes (and there will be plenty), and my way of fixing some things in my life.  It may or may not happen every day, but it will happen.  Some goals may be shared, others I will keep to myself.  If I share ALL my goals I may get into trouble before I commit the murder.  Better to be in trouble for something you did, than for something you did not.



BTW, Martin just offered to make coffee.  Thanks, Martin