Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Thank you.

This is just a baby note to say a big “thank you” to all the awesome people I work with (and worked with).

You guys rock! You are the most generous bunch of dudes and dudettes I ever knew. You are always prepared to give, always prepared to help.

I’m not mentioning names but just a few of the things you guys have done in the past year or so that made life so much better and easier, not only for me personally, but also for the residents of Casa Caritas:

  •       We received, and continue to receive books to sell on behalf of Casa Caritas. Not one or two, or three. Hundreds! And more on offer – I just need to make plan to fetch those.  This is my main contribution to Casa Caritas. It keeps me busy and though it is a minor source of income for them it now has developed into a huge online store with a small but steady monthly contribution.  One of the great sayings in commerce: “Stack them high and let them fly”. So true. The more books we have, the more we sell, the more Casa Caritas gets.
  •       Not only did we receive books from you but also some other items to sell on behalf of Casa Caritas.  We price them, added them and guess what? They sell. Not our niche, but the money trickles in.  Thank you for that.
  •       To the ones who donated all the bookshelves: You won’t believe how much easier life is since we started using those.  Instead of taking hours to find books in boxes it really now takes minutes.  All our Casa Caritas books are in shelves, sorted, and ready to be taken out when an order comes in. Thank you for that. My house looks like a library but I’m not complaining!
  •        Thank you to the other stars organising sales, adverts in magazines, and the SMS-line for donations: Your generosity is much appreciated.
  •       Then there also are all the personal gifts and favours – too many to mention but you all know who you are. Not a birthday, Christmas, event or opportunity goes by without you guys giving and organising – much appreciated!
  •       To all the others not necessarily giving and donating items of monetary value: Thank you for simply being nice, having a chat, smiling when you can. Sometimes that means more than any book or gift. 

      Thanks you for everything you have done for Casa Caritas, thank you for everything you have done for us as a family.