Friday, 27 June 2014

The Daughter of Chuck

The Daughter of Chuck

Dear Biker-Chick,

Sometimes a random person enters someone’s life and they click.  And they become friends  Like we did.

We clicked.  We clicked on things like bikes (obviously), your collection of motivating and inspiring books on your desk, our shared love for reading, and so many other things that made us discuss issues of the day and talk as if we knew each other for years.

The Supermodel!

We clicked, very well I may add, when you helped me to find some of those expensive magazines with the nice pictures so I could show Irma and Martin what real models should look like.  No, not supermodels like you, plastic models like the ones I like to build. Where will I get these magazines from now?


The Ballerina

One of the topics we did not talk about much, but we also clicked on, are our artistic sides.  You living your creative passion in your work, spending spare time on the ballet floor (it freaked me out every time I saw you walking around the office on your toes, ballerina-style!), you being the model in front of the camera.  Me with my feeble attempts at writing a blog, photography and building model aircraft.

And then, one day, it just so happened that we were “clicked” together.

The model and the modeller (from left to right, that is!):

So, as we part at the workplace today, my message to you: Keep on clicking with other people.  Keep on being the free spirit you are.  Take the road less traveled.  Go to places you have never been. Enjoy the ride. Keep on making beautiful things even if nobody cares.  Keep on smiling.  Never stop helping others.  Feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the mud between your toes.  Seize the day, with a cup of coffee in the one hand, and a pancake in the other. Kiss your man, your dog or your tree.  Or all three.  Keep on picking up puppies in the street and knock on a stranger’s door like you did the other day, and embrace the strange strangers inside that home!  (That, Melissa Norris, was one of the most awesome, heart-warming stories anybody has ever told me!)  Be someone’s sunshine, be silly and be loved.  Take care of yourself, because nobody else will do it like you can.  Get things done, be somebody and make a difference.  Keep on doing all these things because that is WHO YOU ARE! And because you CAN!

And most important: Thank you for being my friend!

Peace, Ultra Mel!

PS.  Thanks for allowing me to use these photos.  I don't know who the photographers are (except the bottom one which Peter took), so, credit to them.