Sunday 15 July 2018

People Do Care – Mense Gee Om

I have been following a couple for almost a year on fb - they work VERY hard to feed the street people from Pretoria North - every evening they distribute meals to about 200 homeless people. They also try and find them clothes, jobs, accommodation. They take care of their pets and treat minor injuries. They NEVER ask for money to fund their operations. Please visit their web site below,  follow their fb page and witness the effort they put into their community every day. Then do the right thing - support them where you can. You will sleep better tonight.



Wednesday 27 September 2017

How to find a vacant restroom...

...at the place where I work.



  1. Make your way to the bottom floor down the stairs, checking each floor for a vacant restroom. Should you find one, use it.
  2. When you reach ground floor and no vacant restroom was available take the lift to the top floor and repeat Step 1.


  1.  Tell the intern to find you a vacant restroom and let him "hold" it for you while he WhatsApp you and tell you which floor to proceed to.
  2. Don't let the intern leave the building.



Saturday 13 May 2017

A Bitch of Note

We went camping last weekend. Fortunately before the Ice Age hit us this weekend. We also met a bitch of note.

Our Weekend Guard

Irma and I checked in at The Dell close to Parys shortly before sunset.  Nico and Rennie caught up with us about half an hour later and we pitched camp by torch light.  It was not long before we settled down around Nico’s camp fire, snacking and sipping on “whatever”.

By the first turn of the meat we were nonchalantly joined by a sheep dog. Wagter was a part of our party in no time.

A very observant dog, I must say. Not long after Wagter joined our company we noticed he turned his attention from the meat on the fire to a dark spot of our camping area. Chippie, the bushbuck, has arrived. It was clear that Chippie and Wagter were not the best of friends but Wagter tolerated Chippie. Chippie, on the other hand, simply pretended Wagter was not around and started begging for food. So she was fed some chippies. We were saving the meat for ourselves and Wagter. We were not going to turn this herbivore into a carnivore.
Chippie getting some chippies

Wagter made sure he made friends with Nico – not only was Nico the one feeding the humans all weekend, but also the dog, bushbuck, ostriches, crabs and fish. The fish loved the bait but would not bite.  Wagter slept in front of the tent used by Nico and Rennie.

Next morning when we could see properly in daylight it turned out Wagter actually is Wagterina. She fortunately was not too offended by our lack of name-giving capabilities and decided to stay for the remainder of the weekend. She kept an eye on the bushbuck and ostriches. Whenever any of these visitors were getting too close and we would talk loud at them or wave hands in an attempt to get them out of our personal space Wagterina would jump up and chase them away. For the rest of the time she simply stayed close to us.

Wagterina was struggling when eating the scraps Nico gave to her, mostly swallowing without chewing and he had to make sure he broke it into small pieces for her.  Her gray hair also made it clear that she is not a puppy anymore.

Two "wild beasts"
I sent a mail to the owners of The Dell last week, thanking them for their hospitality and I also asked them about Wagterina’s real name.  Jackie it is, and she is 14 years old!

So, thank you Jackie! You are an awesome furry friend, staying with us the whole weekend and protecting us from the “wild beasts”.  We wish you many happy and friendly campers!



More Photos


On Guard

Chippie getting some corn

Keeping an eye on Chippie

Early morning on the Vaal


Irma releasing her FIRST EVER catch!

One of the best camp sites within easy reach from Johannesburg

Photo Credits : All of us...